Wednesday, September 18, 2013

GCU & Keller: Master degree online edu american school master College University.

In response to our students diverse needs, Grand Canyon University is now offering selected degree programs in an evening format. These programs are designed to meet the needs of today’s working adults as they balance their work and personal lives with the desire to earn a degree. With programs that meet just one evening per week, students can conveniently integrate advancing their education with maintaining their career.
Many programs will be offered on the main GCU campus, located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. Some specialized programs may be offered at strategic off-site or satellite locations through the greater Phoenix metro area as well as other areas.
Developed specifically for working professionals, these evening programs are designed for a specific number of students. By keeping classes small, students will receive individual attention and progress through the program with the same classmates, providing an opportunity to forge relationships that go beyond the classroom.
Evening Program Benefits
Convenience. Courses conveniently meet one evening per week.
Various Phoenix locations. Evening programs are primarily offered in Phoenix. Some programs will be offered on GCU’s main campus and others will be available in strategic locations.
Small class size. With just 15-20 students, class sizes are kept intentionally small so each student can receive the individual attention he/she needs.
Face-to-face instruction. For students who are more comfortable working with instructors and peers face-to-face rather than online, GCUs evening programs allows them this opportunity.
Builds team camaraderie. For selected programs, GCU can develop an evening program for a group of coworkers, allowing them to learn together and in turn strengthen their ability to work together more effectively in the workplace.
Networking opportunities. Evening programs provide networking opportunities with others in a chosen field.
Part of a growing campus community. GCU just completed a $200 million campus expansion project with a 55,000-square-foot student recreation center, an additional dining facility featuring a 6-lane bowling alley, and a 5,000 seat arena that is the new home to the men’s and womens basketball teams. Construction has begun on a new classroom building and a student dorm, both of which are scheduled to open in 2012

Friday, September 13, 2013

Syria conflict: France to float tough UN resolution

France will put a resolution to the UN Security Council to place Syria’s chemical weapons under international control so they can be destroyed, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius says.
He said the resolution would threaten “extremely serious” consequences if Syria breached its conditions.
The move follows Russia’s announcement of a plan to put the chemical weapons under international control.
Syria has said it accepts the Russian proposal, though details are sketchy.
“We held a very fruitful round of talks with [Russian] Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov yesterday [Monday], and he proposed an initiative relating to chemical weapons. And in the evening, we agreed to the Russian initiative,” Russian news agency Interfax quoted Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem, who is in Moscow, as saying.
This would “remove the grounds for American aggression”, he said.

Apple again conquers the world with iPhone

Today, the company best known in the world of technology has introduced two new models of phones for the first time in its history six years.
And most of expectations have proved to be accurate, but Apple has also added more than people expected, Mashable said in an editorial, the largest event dedicated to Apple.
On the iPhone 5S, Apple has added many important features of security, and has given her a new phone even golden color. A perfect combination for those who want to show friends that already have the newest model of the Apple phone. IPhone 5S is now in the sensor which distinguishes fingerprints of the owner of the phone, and not only.
On the other hand, Apple has also added LED light cameras in both the phone and did something that very few people have waited; has doubled the speed of the iPhone 5S, in comparison with the iPhone 5. Therefore has given its users many faithful a good reason to buy the phone its new iPhone and put the iPhone 5S and 5C in the world spotlight, once more within the year.
In the event today, Apple has published a very interesting information. The company has said it has so far managed to sell 700 million iOS devices. And that has led to innovations in iPhone 5S and 5C iPhone, Apple is expected to soon reach 1 billion devices sold in its operating system, iOS.